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Beacause it takes time for plastic headlight lenses to get cloudy and then fade, most drivers do not realize that their headlights are getting cloudy until its too late. If your headlight lens is even slightly cloudy, the headlight becomes less effective at lighting up the road at night. With both headlights cloudy, you can lose over half of the original performance of projected light distance. This can be very unsafe and we are here to help you!

Please visit: http://www.HeadlightRestoration.net

Headlight Restoration Pros created this blog to help keep the public aware of the safety issues of driving with cloudy headlights. If you have any questions about headlight restoration, or if you would like to recommend a headlight restoration shop, please feel free to post here.


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One response to “Welcome to the Headlight Safety Blog on blogspot.com

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  1. Great post! Very informative and it can help a lot of car owners to learn about safeness when it comes to driving.

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